Saturday, July 28, 2007

And the weary shall toil no more


This expression is usually reserved for the feeling one gets after downing a glass of ice cold beer on a hot lazy afternoon, but today I utter a refreshed "Aaaahhh..." because summer camp is over. Now Trick luh da keez (ten points if anyone remembers that song)- they hang on me like little monkeys, their faces light up when I enter the room, they squeal with fearful excitement as I chase them around the courtyard. But damn son, the powers that be need to get their act together. Frequent lack of planning, abrupt schedule changes, tedious work requirements that helped nobody. Now I've been in China for two years teaching in a college and I did a camp last summer. I know how it goes sometimes- "hey, have this ready by tomorrow," "so what's the activity for this afternoon?" etc. But this was a whole new level. I'm a very chill-out, easygoing dude, but there were times when I just wanted to grab the reins and say "all right, this is how we're gonna do this." I had to put my foot down a few times, respectfully of course. I always say there are four kinds of people whose opinion about you matters: your lover, your family, your friends, and the people who pay you money. No matter how frustrated I may feel, it's all about the benjamins, and it doesn't do any good to get the boss riled at you, at least until the contract is over.

All in all, it was fun because of the kids, and because my girlfriend Mei Qun was a teaching assistant in the camp as well. Tonight was the closing night and everyone was doing performances and whatnot. I found a country line dance online so I had a few kids do it with me on stage. I don't even like country music but what the hell. It's over now, and I can breathe again.

Well kinda. I won't be returning to Pingxiang College next term (sniff) and I'll be heading to another college about two hours away, so this week I gotta get everything packed and moved over there and get my documents in order. I'll miss Pingxiang but I'll be back often to see Mei Qun and visit the college. Another exciting adventure begins, gittin' crunk in tha durty durty. Or something to that effect.

P.S. As of print time, Bonds was at 754 homers. Bummer that the Hammer has to bow to a doping egotist. There is none who is righteous, no not one.

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