Friday, October 23, 2009

Very Rock n' Roll Wedding Photos

After eight months of marriage and two wedding parties, Tina and I finally got around to making formal wedding photos :-). We enlisted the service of a photographer buddy and skipped across the bay to Gu Lang Yu Island, a picturesque garden island just off the coast. However, Tina and I are not really into traditions and we wanted to make our wedding photos unique, not the pleasantly bland flowers-and-satin variety you usually find adorning Chinese living rooms. We took some garden shots but the best ones came in a half-constructed villa. We took hundreds of photos, but here is just a small sample. We think the last two photos on this post are the money shots.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Summer's Last Hurrah

For the combined National Day/Mid-Autumn Day holiday, my university gave me 9 days off so Tina, Morty and I dashed over to a nearby island called Dong Shan, about a three hour bus ride from Xiamen. Now living in Xiamen, the ocean is an everyday occurrence and Xiamen is one of the top tourist cities in China so it's very clean and beautiful compared to most other Chinese cities of similar size, so just visiting the ocean isn't enough to get us excited, but the seaside we saw at Dong Shan was absolutely breathtaking. It was Tina's first time seeing waves this big, and it was also her first experience camping. I got a bit of sunburn but it was all worth it. Peep the pics.