Friday, February 27, 2009

Just Dropping By...

Hey surfer dudes and dudettes, just thought I'd stop by for a sec and give you all the 411 since my relocation to sunny Xiamen. And the word is....

Xiamen ROCKS!!! The weather is great, the city is gorgeous, I get to see the ocean everyday, and it's the perfect balance of cosmopolitan and small town. And the university where I teach is freakin' sweet. It's a private university under the umbrella of Xiamen University, and all things considered it's a great setup. Plus the campus is incredibly beautiful.

Of course I've been adding to my body art collection. Here are some of the new additions to my skin gallery.

Oh and one more thing- I'M MARRIED!! Yep, got the license and everything. This weekend we're having a small wedding party and in the future we'll have a big shindig in her hometown in Hubei province.

Her English name is Tina, and I met her at an English training center where I was working during the summer while I was waiting for the university semester to start. Now you're probably groaning about the cliche of foreign teacher/starry-eyed student hook-up, but she's the same age as me, not an easily-seduced naive youngster. Yeah of course she's blazing hot, but her personality and excitement immediately set her apart from the masses. Our relationship went full throttle really quickly, and this usually results in a crash-and-burn, but we just click on every important level and we've tied the knot after only 8 months. Both of our families are excited for us, and I haven't had a moment's regret about making such a drastic choice. And she's wild about me too :-P. I bought her a sweet diamond from America, and since I don't dig rings, I got something slightly more permanent for my ring finger. Peep the pix.

I hope you have a chance to visit Xiamen if it strikes your fancy. Who knows what treasures you might find ;-).

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Welcome back to the land of blogging, Mark!