Monday, June 15, 2009

Save a Balloon, Pop a Collar

A terrifying trend has swept through China’s youth. It began several years ago but it is now gaining popularity with frightening speed:

Please, please China, cool it with the collar-popping. It wasn’t cool in the West, and it’s not cool here. I know you’re trying to look like all those superstars and make the girls’ eyes sparkle, but trust me, the girls don’t dig it. The tool-ishness of China’s male youth is reaching epidemic proportions, and the hordes of flash-in-the-pan pop-and-locking pre-pubescent Usher-wannabe divas prancing around on TV every night are the problem. So I beg you, China, please, save the children. Poppeth not thine collar, for a douchebag it thou dost make.

Please refer to this informative excerpt from Urban Dictionary:

Popped Collar:

The style a Douche wears his collar, nonetheless it is a douche who may be attracted to other men and most certainly has a small penis.
Guy 1: That kid is wearing a polo with a popped collar.
Guy 2: DOUCHE!

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Meg said...

I had no idea that was intentional! I've seen it and I thought the guys just got dressed in a hurry, pulled their shirts on and didn't fix their collars. Haha!