Friday, October 23, 2009

Very Rock n' Roll Wedding Photos

After eight months of marriage and two wedding parties, Tina and I finally got around to making formal wedding photos :-). We enlisted the service of a photographer buddy and skipped across the bay to Gu Lang Yu Island, a picturesque garden island just off the coast. However, Tina and I are not really into traditions and we wanted to make our wedding photos unique, not the pleasantly bland flowers-and-satin variety you usually find adorning Chinese living rooms. We took some garden shots but the best ones came in a half-constructed villa. We took hundreds of photos, but here is just a small sample. We think the last two photos on this post are the money shots.


MKL said...

Great pics. Your wife is gorgeous. I wish both best of luck :)

马克 said...

Thanks bro :-)

尼克 said...

Great pics, and they definitely show your personalities.