Wednesday, December 9, 2009


There's a very visible and popular figure with a gorgeous and exotic wife. However, because of his popularity, he is continually surrounded by and getting attention from beautiful women, and eventually he succumbs to the temptation, indulging his appetite for cheap thrills at relatively low-class establishments such as clubs and bars.

Sounds like Tiger Woods. But it could also be the hotshot foreign manager at the Shanghai office. Or the energetic foreign teacher at the university. Or the highly-regarded consultant who is brought to China several times a year for his expert opinions.

The fact is, if you're tired of eating at home and want to try a different dish, China is certainly an easy place to do it. You don't have to be a rich superstar- with the exception of first-tier cities where foreigners are old news, just being from a different country is enough to make many girls' eyes sparkle. Throw in the fact that Chinese girls are so gosh-darn beautiful and alluring, and you've got a recipe for easy creepin'.

Inside of every man is a dog, a dog with three things on his mind (and pardon the French that follows for the sake of alliteration): fighting, fucking, and feeding. These are primal masculine urges and they're very strong. But we're not dogs, we're men. The dog is a part of us, but there's something more inside that should overwhelm the dog. That's the gentleman, the lover, the father, the one who cares about others' feelings and realizes that short-term selfish satisfaction is callous and unrewarding.

I see so many wonderful girls in China who are treated so carelessly by their husbands/boyfriends. Now I know there are plenty of skanks and bitches in China, but I am continually amazed by Chinese woman's patience and devotion to their men, even if there is little reciprocation. A good woman should be treasured, and that means saying no to all the cheesecake walking around, even if that cheesecake practically throws itself at you. When I discuss relationships with my students, invariably the girls say that the trait they value most in a partner is honesty. A good woman shouldn't be dogged; her devotion should be returned. My wife is a masterpiece and everything that I want in a woman, and even though sometimes the dog inside snarls and barks, I'm not letting him off the leash.


MKL said...

What a great post. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Great post man, very honest and truthful.

I am here in the states and have a Chinese wife and am amazed at the devotion and caring she shows for me. I too value this enough not to stray.

I was actually hoping to go overseas and teach for a year or two and my first choice was China. My wife is pleading with me to go anywhere in the world but China due to the opportunities she feel will be ever present. Lol, I don't whether to take that as a sign of how much opportunity there is in China or her lack of faith in my ability to avoid temptation.

马克 said...

Haha both reasons for her hesitation are valid, and a third reason is how many dudes here run amok simply because they can. Honestly, it's rare for a guy, foreign or Chinese, to say no to the opportunities, and there are a lot, even for a teacher like you and me. Easy solution: bring her along!