Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update for 2010

It's been a while since I've posted here because the VPN I was using go the ax, and now it's working again for some reason. Like the judo penguins in the film Madagascar always say: "Just smile and wave boys, just smile and wave." Don't ask questions, just go with the flow.

Still doin' my thing in Xiamen University, currently enjoying a month-and-a-half long Spring Festival holiday. This stretch of bland weather (and no fireworks in Xiamen- gotta keep this tourist city sparkling! >:-/) is usually when Tina and I pack our bags and head out in search of adventure, but this time the adventure came to us: we're gonna have a baby.

Tina's about two months along now, and she feels tired a lot and pukes occasionally (quick clarification: it's not morning sickness, my buddy and fellow-father-to-be calls it baby sickness, because it happens anytime anywhere, not just the morning). But since I'm on holiday, I'm around to be the house husband. The timing of this thing is actually pretty sweet. I'm able to take care of Tina during the difficult (and vulnerable- fingers crossed!) first trimester, and then when it's time to head back to work, hopefully Tina will be feeling better enough so she won't need me around as much. And then by the time the summer holiday rolls around, she'll be all blimpish- in a cute, adorable way of course- but I won't have anything on my plate so I'll be back on point again. If things go well, we'll have a late August delivery date. I've already got the spot picked out on my arm where I'm going to ink the little anklebiter's name.

Of course I'm nervous, though not about being a father. This is something I've always wanted, and I know it's gonna kick my ass, but truthfully, I'm ready for a new chapter in life. Tina's pretty stoked too, when she's not feeling sick :-). I read all kinds of scary reports about birth defects, miscarriages, and a whole multitude of complications, but I tell myself that it's out of our hands. Whatever God chooses to give us, or not give us, is up to Him. So right now, we're enjoying the ride as much as we can and looking forward to the future. I've always liked change, and right now there's a lot going on with the new house and baby on the horizon. Sometimes I look back at my much simpler, more carefree, party-hearty life but I'm glad to be where I am now. This is the way it's supposed to be.


MKL said...

Wow, that's a surprise :)

But I am so happy for you and your wife. I wish you guys all the best and hope that I will only read good news in about 7 months time :-)

尼克 said...

Again, congrats Mark & Tina!

Meg said...

Congrats! That's great news!

Jiju Jaipal said...

Great Couple...Cheers!!!