Thursday, May 8, 2008

An EXTREME Cheese Snack for Your EXTREME Hunger!

So you've got a few tattoos and piercings, huh? Go base-jumping on weekends? Seen Slayer 15 times in concert? And you think that makes you extreme? Think again. Sucka, you haven't even tasted extreme until you've had Doritos Brand ROCK TACO Nacho Cheese Snacks!

If you like weak-ass teeny-bopper pop snacks, then go home and cry to Mama. But if you've got a heavy metal hunger that only the most extreme cheese snack can satisfy, then look no further. Cowboy up and get in the pit with Doritos Brand ROCK TACO Cheese Snacks! It will kick your ass and rock your face! Available only in China.


Meg said...

Haha! My boyfriend likes to make up rock taco songs when we pass these chips.

尼克 said...

So are they any good?

马克 said...

Any good? They're EXTREME!!!