Saturday, May 3, 2008

Stop Callin' Me!

I'm a nice guy. For real. I try to make everyone smile wherever I go and be compassionate and mindful of others' feelings. And as you can see from the post below, I'm aware of the delicacy with which a girl's heart should be handled. However, as I also noted below, Chinese girls (and often girls in general) can latch on too tightly to someone and it takes a bit of gentle prying to loosen their grip. (Quick word to the wise: not letting go of someone when the relationship is ending or there is no relationship at all will not make that person want you more; in fact you will achieve the opposite of the desired result). Yet sometimes even the most tactful emotional diplomacy fails.

Where to turn for inspiration in turbulent times? Why, to Atlanta's towering lighthouse of reason and wit, Dem Franchise Boyz, of course! Below is one of their hit songs that essentially sums up the smack you occasionally have to lay down (with utmost tenderness and understanding, of course). Although my situation doesn't exactly parallel the song's content (specifically the baby mama angle), I think this gets the point across.

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