Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hot Weather, Hot Springs, and a Hot Girl at 明月山

During the lamentably shortened May Holiday, I trekked over to the neighboring city of Yi Chun to check out the Bright Moon Mountain and adjacent hot spring with my friend Mary. She already has a boyfriend and even if she was available, I don't think she would be right for me, but she's probably the coolest Chinese girl I know and I can hang out and talk about anything with her, which is definitely a rarity in this country. The day was a blast and scratched my nature itch (though "nature" by and large in China means a carefully manicured mountain overrun by tourists). Check out the photogs:


Anonymous said...

omg! my hometown!
greeting from sydney!

Anonymous said...

Did you shaft her?

I have the feeling that you did..

No need to confirm of course.

I understand..