Saturday, April 19, 2008

She's Got Le-egs!

ZZ Top? Anyone? Ok anyway, let's hear it for summertime in China. Most Chinese girls are attractive, a large number are pretty, and a decent amount are beautiful, and they all know it and ain't afraid to show it. So when the temp goes up, so do the hemlines, and us dudes are happy campers.

Today I went with a girl to get a tattoo for her (that I designed :-) and she was wearing a white fluttery smock/dress, gleaming white heels, and the most neon pink hose I've ever seen. But thanks to Chinese genes, she has uber-lovely legs so it's all good. I'm amazed at what Chinese girls can wear and still look incredible. When was the last time you saw a frumpy girl on the street in China? Exactly.


Meg said...

AAH! Why do they do that!?!?! It's like they don't want to look smoking hot so they throw on these zany outfits made of flesh-colored thigh-highs, open-toed shoes with tights, or shorts and boots, and don't forget the Chinglish and sequins shirt on top. WHY?!?!

马克 said...

I could do without the sequins and Chinglish but I think the zany outfits actually do look hot. I shake my head and smile when my students come to class in neon shoes, microscopic shorts or skirts, fishnet stockings and tiny shirts with the iPod dancers on the front and some gibberish. Where we come from this style is called "hooker," but here it's "可爱." If anyone can rock it, they can.