Tuesday, April 8, 2008

You won't be seeing these guys on tour with S.H.E.

Never thought I'd see these words used together: Chinese black doom metal. I know China is hiding plenty of heavy metal bands in underground clubs but I haven't been able to hear what they sound like, since I don't live in Beijing and this seems to be where most Chinese metal is. But thanks to our precariously unblocked YouTube, we can enjoy the furious sounds of an unharmonious society. Check it out:

Disaster Falchion- plodding doom metal with blackened vocals. Nothing spectacular, just nice to see this genre being explored.

Maul Heavily- imagine a Chinese version of KoRn, though a bit more aggressive, and throw in some traditional flutes. Well done if you ask me.

Evil Thorn- the Chinese Dimmu Borgir. They're rocking the corpse paint and spike armbands. Raw black metal usually sucks and this is no exception, but just seeing this in China makes me chuckle.

YouTube has a bunch of other Chinese metal videos- check 'em out if you're interested. If anyone has any recommendations on good Chinese metal bands and where they're hiding, let me know.

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