Sunday, April 6, 2008

Where's the beef? And mutton?

I live in a city in a fairly rural province and I've seen plenty of farms (which sadly lack the quaint charm of Western countrysides. It's funny: in America the cities are pits but the farms are lovely, and in China the farms are full of rubbish and most cities sparkle, at least at a quick glance). Anyway, I love beef dishes and I'm especially fond of the Muslim mutton barbecue, but I have never seen a beef or dairy cow, or a sheep, in a Chinese farm. I've seen plenty of pigs and chickens and oxen for pulling the plows, and I've seen sheep in local zoos, but never on a farm. Where does all the beef and mutton meat come from?

One more thing: has anyone had real homogenized, pasteurized, vitamin D milk in China?

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